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iAveatr is a premier online Pilot Ground School established with a vision to impart Pilot students world-class Aviation theoretical knowledge, not just to enable our students to pass requisite Theoretical or Airline Examinations, but to set them apart with airmanship and technical prowess.

Our dedicated team of instructors will keep you motivated and engaged throughout this course and will have you thinking like a professional pilot in no time.  The material is presented with practical examples so you understand the reason “why” things happen.

This practical approach ensures that students gain a sound foundation of the theoretical material which is required to achieve a solid pass mark on the written exams.

At iAveatr, we believe that good flight training starts from the ground up. An excellent ground school is the backbone of our operation. The main focus of ground school is to prepare the student for examinations. We are excited to announce newly launched online ground school that combines conventional ground school syllabus with live virtual class sessions, digital slides, quizzes, exam preparation and training videos.

Discover A New Way of Learning

Advance in technology has made online education more accessible than ever! Aveatr has developed a comprehensive online ground school that combines conventional syllabus with live virtual class sessions, digital slides, quizzes, exam preparation, training videos, discussion forums & much more. The entire ground school material is now accessible as long as one has Internet access, no matter where the location is.

We implement best Pedagogical practices and strategies to enable focused and conducive learning experience. Our sessions are engaging and we help students with all the required material for reference, home-study and support their queries and doubts on an on-going basis.

Through our Online Ground School courses, we provide our students with a world-class education at the comfort of their homes. We feel no hurdle to should be a challenge to education and we are committed to bringing the highest quality Aviation Education and Training to our global aviation fraternity.

Training Features

Instructor-Led Training Sessions

We provide our students the best interactive experience as part of their learning.

Expert Trainers

We bring Aviation’s most qualified Instructors to teach and mentor our students.

Flexible Schedule

We strive to break all barriers to provide highest quality andlearning experience to support your schedule.

e-Learning Sessions

LIVE instructor led courses | Online content and courses | Special Sessions by guest lecturers – Industry Stakeholders, Airline Pilots.

Student Support

We offer life-long support to our students and access to other Aveatr Programs and initiatives.

Announcing next batches of following online programs – admissions will be accepted on rolling basis.

CPL Ground Training Course covering following core subjects:

Air Regulations
  • Aircraft Act, 1934 – Chapter I, Section Short title and extent, definitions, power to detain aircraft, penalty for act in contravention of rules made under the act, penalty for flying so as to cause danger.
  • Aircraft Rules, 1937.
  • rules of the air.
  • appropriate air traffic services practices and procedures.
Aviation Meteorology
  • Interpretation and application of aeronautical meteorological reports, charts and forecasts, use of, and procedures for obtaining, meteorological information, pre-flight and in-flight; altimetry.
  • Aeronautical meteorology; climatology of relevant areas in respect of the elements having an effect upon aviation; the movement of pressure systems, the structure of fronts and the origin and characteristics of significant weather phenomenon which affect take-off, en-route and landing conditions; hazardous weather avoidance.
Air Navigation
  • Air navigation, including the use of aeronautical charts, instruments and navigation aids; an understanding of the principles and characteristics of appropriate navigation systems; operation of airborne equipment; practical aspects of air navigation and dead reckoning techniques.
  • Practical air navigation using radio navigation aids.
  • Use, accuracy and reliability of navigation systems used in departure enroute, approach and landing phases of flight; identification of radio navigation aids.

We also offer on-demand online courses for following subjects:

 Aircraft General Knowledge

  • Principles of operation and functioning of aeroplane power plants, systems and instruments.
  • Operating limitations of appropriate aeroplanes and power plants; relevant operational information from the flight manual or other appropriate document.
  • Use and serviceability checks of equipment and systems of appropriate aeroplanes
  • Maintenance procedures for airframes, systems and power plants of appropriate aeroplanes
Flight Performance and Planning
  • Effects of loading and mass distribution on aeroplane handling, flight characteristics and performance; mass and balance calculations
  • Use and practical application of take-off, landing and other performance data.
  • Pre-flight and en-route flight planning appropriate to operations under VFR; preparation and filing of air traffic services flight plans; appropriate air traffic service procedures, position reporting procedures; altimeter setting procedures; operations in areas of high density traffic.
Human Performance and Limitations
  • Human performance and limitations relevant to the commercial pilot- aeroplanes
Operational Procedures
  • Use of aeronautical documentation such as AIP, NOTAM, aeronautical codes, abbreviations and instrument procedure charts for departure, en-route, descent and approach.
  • Appropriate precautionary and emergency procedures; safety practices associated with flight under IFR.
  • Action to be taken to avoid hazardous weather, wake turbulence and other operating hazards.
  • Principles of Flight.

Radio Telephony Radiotelephony procedures and phraseology as applied to VFR and IFR operations; action to be taken in case of communication failure.


Special Program
Airbus – A320 specialized capsule program covering Procedures and Systems to assist pilots with Pre-Type rating and Refresher requirements.

Specialized Courses Catalog

We, at iAveatr, are excited to bring some of the most unique and innovative learning opportunities in the field of Aviation. We are proud to announce our partnership with one of the aviation’s leading Instructors and our knowledge Mentor – Albert Tiong.

Albert is currently the Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor at Viet Flight Training based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He has been instructing Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) theoretical knowledge for 9 years, having instructed for two flight schools in Singapore prior to Vietnam. Some of the pilots he has trained are now flying for Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, Scoot, Jetstar Asia, Jetstar Pacific, Vietjet, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Cambodia Angkor Air.

He has keen interest in the area of Human Factors, regularly analysing aircraft accidents and incidents and exploring methods to effectively educate ab initio pilots on human errors, and Threat and Error Management(TEM). He has introduced mindfulness practices in his classroom to improve student performance, with the objective of enhancing core competencies of pilots.

Albert saw a common gap in many of the aircraft accidents and incidents, where the lack / loss of situational awareness (SA) plays a role towards contributing to these accidents and incidents. However, the industry lacks a structured program on how to improve SA for pilots. Albert is using the concept of mindfulness developed by Centre of Mindfulness Singapore to improve situational awareness and enhance competencies of aviation professionals.

Besides instructing ATPL ground school, Albert is also a Crew Resource Management (CRM) Facilitator and a certified Aviation English instructor. Albert holds a Commercial Pilot Licence issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

iAveatr is a premier online Pilot Ground School established with a vision to impart Pilot students world-class Aviation theoretical knowledge, not just to enable our students to pass requisite Theoretical or Airline Examinations, but to set them apart with airmanship and technical prowess.

Registrations are open for the following online programs. Register using the Course Registration form provided in the Apply Link provided at the end. On completion of an individual course, iAveatr will issue a digital Course Certificate.

Applications are now open for following online Instructor-led Programs:

  1. Ab-Initio Cadet Pilot’s Guide to Competency-Based Training and Assessment (02 hours) – This is an introduction to EASA’s Competency-based Training and Assessment and Evidence-based Training.  This is EASA’s framework on how future pilots will be assessed yearly in the sim checks.  We always believe the students should know this early on before the start of their training.  We will also cover the 9 EASA Pilot Core Competencies.
  2. Ab-Initio Cadet Pilot’s Guide to Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making (02 hours) – This is a program developed to guide future pilots on the thinking mindset required, and how to approach identifying and solving problems in the cockpit.  It is a life-skill so it can also be used outside the cockpit as well.
  3. Ab-Initio Cadet Pilot’s Guide to ATPL Ground School and Flight Training (02 hours) – This is a program created and brief new students of aviation. Topics covered are the introduction to Ground School subjects, studying strategies, stress and sleep management.
  4. Cadet Pilot Interview Preparation (02 hours)– This is a program catered to those preparing for upcoming airline pilot interviews, but it can also be useful for students preparing for interviews at flight schools prior to their training.
  5. Introduction to Aviation English – Albert is also a certified Aviation English instructor. Aviation English program varies depending on the student profile and requirements, but we utilize this session to share with students on the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements, do’s and don’ts of Pilot/ATC communications.
  6. Introduction to Mindfulness – This session will be conducted in association with Centre for Mindfulness, Singapore. Introduction to Mindfulness is a unique program designed to help increase students’ performance, be it in the classrooms or in the aircraft.
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