The Junior Aveatr Cadet Program is an exciting and innovative program designed to nurture, educate and inspire young aspiring aviators – studying in the grades 6th – 8th. The program offers a great opportunity to our Junior Aveatr Cadets to experience becoming real pilots in this exciting 5 day Pilot Training program and graduating as Junior Captains, earning their first wings. The program also aims at creating love for Science and Maths among school students through exciting study and experiential modules. The program is designed to immerse students into this exciting field of Aviation and Flying. Participants will also get to interact with Airline Pilots, top executives, career coaches & educators, engage in hands-on activities while also experiencing life as a Cadet Commercial Pilot.

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The Program curriculum entails a mix of Ground School, Simulator Flying and exciting Group Activities especially developed for our Junior Aveatr Cadets.

Ground School Modules

Day 1 – History of Aviation
Day 2 – Science and Art of Flying
Day 3 – Airbus A-320 Ground School

Junior Captain Flying Module

Day 4 – Simulator Flying sessions in a real Airbus Simulator with training Captains – trained Airbus Pilots.
Day 5 – Group Activities and Graduation Ceremony

‘Once an Aveatr, Always an Aveatr’ – Once Inducted as an Aveatr, our Junior Captains will have exclusive access to our Aveatr Mentorship Program, when they are ready to take on the skies with a real career in Aviation and Flying.

Eligibility  : Young aspiring aviators – studying in the grades 6th – 8th and Passionate about flying an aircraft and touching the skies!

Fees: INR 30,000 | USD 500 per Junior Cadet Aveatr

Scholarships: Limited number of scholarships for Junior Cadets per batch. Please apply for scholarship in Section II of Program Application.


At this time, the program is expected to be run as planned in Mid-June 2021 in Delhi. Having said that, we are keeping a close watch on the spread of COVID-19 and shall send an update to all candidates in case of any changes.
In the unfortunate case that the program has to be cancelled, we will refund the full fee to all enrolled students.

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