Aveatr is one of a kind integrated Mentorship Program crafted with a mission to bring highest Quality Education Advisory, Career Counselling and Training to the ever exciting field of Aviation. Aveatr was founded to address the gap between the guidance needs of aspiring aviators and professional mentorship available in the Aviation sector. The program brings together a team of commercial pilots, top global professionals & academicians, and ex-military officers to pioneer the concept of Mentorship in Aviation.

Our combined 100 years of experience in professional management, corporate strategy, training & development, aviation and military services has enabled us to identify the Core Advisory Areas that aviation aspirants need guidance on and we are here to mentor you and partner with you to navigate through these.

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Elements of Aveatr Program:

Aveatr Assessment & Guidance System (AGS) – Aviation’s leading profile assessment and career counselling process to provide you with professional advise and guidance. Once accepted and inducted into Aveatr Program, receive mentorship from global leaders in the field to help you take the right path into a successful Aviation career.

  • Our advisory process has been created, tested, refined and used with extraordinary success.
  • Aviation’s most qualified Mentors, Coaches and Academicians.

Training – Get trained globally at select training Institutions and Universities, which have been carefully evaluated through our internal Due Diligence process to provide our Mentees the world-class education, development and training experience. Aim of the Training phase is not just to get our mentees trained and qualified aviators, but to set them apart with airman ship and technical prowess.

Career Support – Our career support team also looks to bridge the gap between Airline industry demand and trained aviators through various career initiatives like airline assessments and interview coaching, stakeholder engagements, job postings and airline programs. As an Aveatr, you would have life-long access to various Aveatr career services and guidance as you progress through the exciting aviation journey.

  • Aveatr professional coaching programme is designed to give you the best possible opportunity to pass airline industry assessments and interviews.
  • We are also engaging with airlines and other industry players to connect our highly skilled graduates with industry requirements and opportunities. We endeavour to close the training to industry gap, and connect the dots to enable successful careers for our Mentees.
  • Aveatr is also working on innovative Scholarship Programs to enable aspiring students to access aviation training and education overcoming financial challenges and hurdles.

Eligibility & Important notes for the program application:

  • Minimum Qualification – High school graduates. Experienced candidates with higher qualifications are most welcome to apply.
  • Each Aveatr Batch has limited places to enable focused Mentorship experience.
  • Kindly attach your CV / Resume to enable us to enable evaluate your profile and provide appropriate guidance.
  • Once inducted as an Aveatr, our Mentors will partner with you to plan your education and training.
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